Government Paying More Than Needed for Toner Cartridges

2010-10-06 09:44:16

Published on 2010-10-06 09:44:16

Some departments of the coalition government are paying more than they need for toner cartridges, a cabinet minister has said. According to, cabinet office minister Francis Maude told the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham that some government areas had been paying seven and a half times more than others for toner cartridges.

Detailing the £3 billion efficiency drive taking place in Westminster, Mr Maud said contracts with suppliers were being re-negotiated to drive down costs. The news provider reported him as telling delegates that the government would deal with suppliers "as a single customer instead of letting them play one part of government off against another".

Being a major customer, the minister said the Con-Lib coalition should benefit from big discounts. Noting this was "only the start" of cost-saving, Mr Maude also said the taxpayer would benefit from a £3 billion saving in this year alone.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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