Turn Ink Cartridges Into Cash for Charity

2010-10-18 08:33:37

Published on 2010-10-18 08:33:37

Letting used printer ink and toner cartridges build up around the home? Or do you simply dump them in the bin when you've finished with them? Well, why not think about recycling them? According to getwokingham.co.uk, the Berkshire wing of St John Ambulance is asking members of the public to do just that.

Members of the group are calling for donations of things like laser toner cartridges and mobile phones for recycling. These will be turned into cash and injected into the ambulance group's vital training schemes.

"Many people throw away these items simply because they don't even realise recycling services for them exist," Kim Adrian, fundraiser for St John Ambulance, told the news provider. "We hope the fact that this kind of recycling can be used to support a really worthwhile cause will convince people it's worth making the very little effort involved in backing the scheme."

Many organisations offer printer ink recycling schemes, including Internet-Ink.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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