First Laser Printer With Chinese Property Rights Goes Into Production

2010-12-08 09:20:12

Published on 2010-12-08 09:20:12

China's first laser printer with independent intellectual property rights has gone into mass production. According to People's Daily Online, printer firm SEINE, based in Gaungdong, in southern China, is behind the printer.

It means the country is now the world's fourth with the necessary technology and rights to manufacture laser printers. Called "Bentu" (which means "constant progress"), the printer has a strong focus on low energy and toner consumption.

It is made from eco-friendly material and, compared to other similar devices, claims to costs 40 per cent less for toner cartridges and use 11 per cent less waste toner during and after the printing process. Environmental efforts in China are very popular. 

According to, recycling in the country is "second nature", with Beijing housing the world's largest recycling facility. By this year, the city planned to see its recycling rate go up from ten per cent to 80 per cent, the blog said.

Posted by Jason Nicholls.

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