SMBs Unprepared For Disasters

2011-01-14 08:38:50

Published on 2011-01-14 08:38:50

Small and medium businesses (SMBs), that may use ink and toner cartridges, are unprepared to deal with natural disasters, and the data loss that can result.

Symantec's 2011 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey also reveals that SMBs that fail to put in adequate measures to deal with such disasters could lose customers, money, and even go out of business.

The firm's survey of over 1,000 companies in 23 countries shows that half do not have a plan in place. 41 per cent of those said it never occurred to them to implement a procedure while 40 per cent said that "disaster preparedness" isn't a priority for them.

Symantec says these figures are surprising given the number of SMBs that are at risk. 65 per cent of respondents to its survey live in places susceptible to natural disasters and over the last 12 months, the typical SMB underwent six computer outages.

"According to the research findings, SMBs still haven't recognised the tremendous impact a disaster can have on their businesses. Despite warnings, it seems like many still think it can't happen to them," said Bernard Laroche, senior director, SMB product marketing, Symantec.

"Disasters happen and SMBs cannot afford to risk losing their information or - more importantly - their customers' critical information.

Posted by Canzil Ahmed.

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