Aussie Liberals Are Big Printer Ink Spenders

2011-02-08 09:38:40

Published on 2011-02-08 09:38:40

Australian Liberals appear to be huge fans of printing after they spent almost $300,000 (£189,000) in three weeks on toner cartridges and printer ink.

According to, a freedom of information request has put the spending under the spotlight.

Following the announcement that a spending cap could be placed on office supplies, a move that was proposed in September 2009, opposition members spent a whopping $267,288 on printer cartridge toner.

One Liberal MP, Don Randall, ordered $25,414.68 worth of printer ink alone. Meanwhile, deputy speaker Peter Slipper spent $19,280.83, reports the news provider.

The incumbent party - despite only having a small majority - spent half the amount on printer ink and toner cartridges in the same period - parting with just $127,488.

Recently, the New York Times claimed that printer ink sales have not been hit by the growing popularity of smartphones.

Posted by Jamie Foster.

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