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2011-02-17 09:25:06

Published on 2011-02-17 09:25:06

For those that work from home, organisation is often a problem. There's always the issue of room and storage – where to keep the printer, its ink cartridges, and other assorted consumables?

When space is at a premium, getting the organisation right is key to a successful working day – it can help home workers boost productivity and keep on top of deadlines.

For those in need of a little guidance, help is at hand.

According to the Seattle Times, there are some simple tips you can follow to make working from home easier.

The newspaper recommends splitting your working space into three areas – the Work Centre, the Reference Centre, and the Supply Centre.

Keep your computer and the office tools you use the most in the Work Centre – this will be the hub of your output. The Resource Centre is for reference materials – so keep your manuals and books here. And use the Supply Centre to house your office supplies, like toner cartridges and paper.

The key to it all is to "position your equipment by frequency of use," the newspaper says. So if you use your printer every day, as you probably do, make sure it's within easy reach. The same goes for your other machines – prioritise.

Adhering to these simple tips could make the working day that little bit more bearable.

According to the official Labour Force Survey, in 2009 691,000 British workers did so from home.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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