Toner Cartridges Used To Rebuild Kent Pier

2011-03-07 08:48:02

Published on 2011-03-07 08:48:02

Toner cartridges have been used as part of a community project to repair a pier in Kent that was once the second largest in the world.

The Herne Bay Pier Trust, which was set up two years ago to rebuild the structure, is working with a local consumables company to encourage businesses to donate their empty toner cartridges, reports.

Trust deputy chairman Andrea Leach told the newspaper: "It is a great way to recycle ink jet and laser toner and cartridges from businesses and save them from going into landfill."

According to the trust, the development of the first stage of the pier, in 1831, sparked the town into life by creating a viable fishing industry.

Recently, it was reported that toner cartridges could be part of a project to rebuild roads in New Zealand. Researchers want to add toner to make bitumen, as a substitute for oil.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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