Ink And Toner Cartridges All Welcome In Electrical Recycling

2011-03-15 10:15:44

Published on 2011-03-15 10:15:44

Ink and toner cartridges will be welcomed by residents recycling as part of the 2011 Great American Cleanup this week.

Volunteers will be helping the non-profit Keep America Beautiful group, which is a national campaign clearing up all unwanted electrical goods, from televisions and computers, to ink cartridges.

One particular group, Keep Newnan Beautiful (KNB), will host their event on March 19th, with volunteers picking up supplies from the local city hall, reported the Times-Herald.

Carol Duffey, director of KNB, said: "The Great American Cleanup provides a wonderful opportunity to inspire civic engagement that addresses the very real challenges of our times."

She added that there will be an electronic recycling truck running from 8:30 am till 1pm local time and is hoping for a large turnout with anyone welcome to join in from the community.

Recently, East Kent Stationers asked people not to throw away ink cartridges in a community effort to raise money for the Herne Bay Pier trust.

Posted by Jamie Foster

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