Companies Urged To Continue Toner Cartridge Savings In The New Year

2011-12-07 09:14:51

Published on 2011-12-07 09:14:51

Companies currently struggling with short term funds have been advised to stay strong and maintain focus when cost-cutting this Christmas, a reminder of the need to consider savings available with toner cartridges.

Often printing costs can spiral out of control for small firms, leaving holes in cash flow and long term finance plans but the main feeling to come out of a recent Hilton-Baird forum was that small firms need to 'hang tight'.

The forum as well as discussing financial issues facing business, also encouraged small firms to tighten their belts and think about what continued savings can be made of which printer ink can definitely be considered one.

Alex Hilton-Baird, chief executive officer of the Hilton-Baird Group, said: "During this particularly challenging period we urge all businesses to ensure that their cash flow is as strong as possible.

"Ultimately, by planning ahead, businesses can ensure that they maintain a healthy cash flow and are best placed to enjoy a fruitful and successful New Year."

The Hilton-Baird Group is one of the UK's leading business finance groups.

Posted by Jamie Foster.

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