Toner Cartridge Complaint Dealt With By Computer Active

2011-12-16 09:24:09

Published on 2011-12-16 09:24:09

Technology magazine Computer Active has responded to a query from a customers relating to how full toner cartridges are when they come with new printers.

The complaint came from Mike James and related to a printer he purchased which the seller stated would print around 2,000 pages. However, Mr James found that the toner had, in fact, ran out around halfway through that figure.

Mr James believes he will need to spend around £200 to fully restore his toner cartridge after the company told him it was written on the box that the printer only contained enough toner to enable setup.

However, the magazine suggested that the seller is correct in this and if it was written on the box then Mr James can have no complaints. Their advice was that customers should ensure they read the product information thoroughly.

Responding to the complaint, the magazine wrote: "This is standard practice. Don’t assume anything when buying a product. Sometimes it is best to ask a shop assistant for advice."

If customers are given the wrong information, they are able to get legal redress under the Consumer Protection Regulations 2008.

Posted by Jamie Foster.

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