Xeroxs New WorkCentre 3550 Boosts Office Productivity

2010-09-02 09:02:27

Published on 2010-09-02 09:02:27

Printer ink maker Xerox's new 3550 WorkCentre printer brings together contemporary printer sophistication to help users increase productivity.

Combining high speed copy facilities and excellent print and fax capabilities, the WorkCentre 3550 is specifically designed for use by those who work as part of busy teams for both small-and-medium and large-sized businesses. With an optimum printing speed of 33 pages per minute, the printer boasts 1200 x 1200 enhanced image quality can hold 550 sheet paper capacity - expandable to 1,050 sheets.

Excellent networking features, like colour scanning, the ability to copy to email with lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) and remote working through CentreWare Internet Services, mean the 3550 totally delivers for the modern user. The compact WorkCentre 3550 is available in three variants: the WorkCentre 3550X, the WorkCentre 3550XT and WorkCentre3550XTS.

Malcolm Glynn, marketing manager for Xerox UK, said the WorkCentre offered everything a fast-paced business environment would need to function well. "The WorkCentre 3550 offers all the essential features required in today’s busy office environment combined with robust performance and advanced scanning features,” he said.

Last month it was announced that Ursula Burns, chairman and chief executive officer of Xerox, would speak at this year's Citi technology conference.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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