Xerox Introduces Mobile Printing Tools for Businesses

2010-10-05 09:56:34

Published on 2010-10-05 09:56:34

Printer ink maker Xerox has launched a new set of tools to enable workers to print documents while on the move. The firm says its products will help remote workers and IT professionals stay on-task with workloads regardless of where they are based.

Xerox Mobile Print Solution means users can print emails, presentations and other documents from a smartphone or device with email capability. Enhanced Mobile Express and Global Print drivers offer a streamlined way to oversee print management.

The Mobile Express driver lets remote and mobile workers know what printers are available for their laptops instantly, while both products update automatically when new products are released, eliminating the need for users to manually install.

"No two mobile workers are the same – from the executive reviewing a presentation on his phone en route to a staff meeting to the Paris-based employee working at the New York headquarters – but all need an easy and secure way to print," said Chris Aked, marketing manager for solutions at Xerox UK.

"Our approach delivers simplicity for any location, helping mobile workers focus more on their business and less on how to print."

Posted by Jamie Foster.

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