Xerox Offers A Glimpse Into Printings Future

2011-02-16 08:39:34

Published on 2011-02-16 08:39:34

Xerox has revealed details of how its inkjet printers - that use ink cartridges - will look in the future.

At the Hunkeler Innovationdays show, held in Switzerland, Xerox showcased its latest bit of new waterless technology, which does not yet have a name, PrintWeek reports.

The multi-colour printer uses resin-based ink that means the machine doesn't have to use water, which helps to produce more vibrant colours.

With a print speed of up to 152m a minute and a printing width of 52cm, the as-yet-unnamed machine looks very promising indeed.

"Print providers can now confidently shift their focus from the production process to selling applications that drive business," Eric Armour, president of Xerox Graphic Communications Business Group, was quoted by PrintWeek as saying at the trade show.

So is the flurry of recent printer advancements to be taken seriously? According to engineering firm Filton, machines like 3D printers are increasingly being used to make a range of different products.

Posted by Johnny McMaster.

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