US Department Of VA To Benefit From Xerox Technology

2011-10-14 11:25:00

Published on 2011-10-14 11:25:00

A Xerox company, ACS, will help the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) make it easier to convert its paper-based processing system into an electronic one.

The ink cartridges firm's subsidiary claims it will make it easier and faster for veterans to file claims and receive benefits.

It is expected that by using Xerox technology, under a $54 million (£34 million) three-year contract, the new system will significantly reduce backlogs and process files more efficiently.

Joseph Doherty, executive vice president and chief operating officer in ACS government solutions, said: "The VA has the honourable mission of providing important benefits to veterans. Our role is to provide services and technology that simplify and speed up access to these benefits.

"When government agencies re-engineer their processes, it has an immediate, positive impact on the people they serve.”

Recently, the US Department of Defense awarded Xerox a five-year contract to reduce the costs and improve the printer ink technology in its offices.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.

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