Xerox Ink Technology Helps Printers Expand Products

2013-05-17 09:09:28

Published on 2013-05-17 09:09:28
Xerox’s digital colour technology is helping a number of companies to expand their products and services.

Commercial printing firm CRW, which is based in New Jersey, is using the company’s iGen 150 platform to produce cross-media marketing.

Mark Weiss, president of CRW, said: “Digital printing technologies – especially the iGen 150 – have opened up opportunities and markets for our business.”

Metzgers Printing in Ohio is also using the iGen4 technology, while the company has also capitalised on the Xerox Nuvera 144 to complete personalised letter mailings.

Joe Metzger, president of Metzgers, said: “The Nuvera’s black-and-white capabilities are an asset to our operations.”

He added that the system’s capability to print on offset projects creates a lower price per piece for clients who mail large volumes of documents.

Posted by Barry Ashmore.
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