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Epson Printer Cleaning Cartridges
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Brother Cleaning Cartridges
Universal InkJet Printer Cleaning Kit
Universal InkJet Printer Cleaning Kit

Internet-ink inkjet printer cleaning cartridges use a new cleaning solution of specially formulated solvent and detergent to clean the entire printers print head inside and out.


If your prints show banding or your printers nozzle check print has parts missing, it could be time to use our printer cleaning cartridges.


  •  -Due to the dried ink residue inside inkjet printer nozzles, the flow of ink can be reduced or stopped completely resulting in poor print quality.
  • -By using our cleaning cartridges, the specially formulated cleaning fluid will break down the dried ink from inside the printhead nozzle.
  • -Once the cleaning process has been completed, the printhead nozzle will be cleared of all blockages, ready to print again.
  • -When the normal ink cartridges are replaced, the ink will once again be able to flow through the print nozzles and your printer will be restored.


By using the nozzle check facility on your printer, you can see all nozzles restored and printing correctly. You are ready to use your printer to it`s full potential.


Using our new cleaning cartridges is the best way to keep your printer working at it`s best performance and possibly extend it usable lifetime.


Reduce printer down-time and servicing costs by always having a set of our cleaning cartridges available in your home and office.


Printer cleaning cartridges can be used an average of 4 times, so a single set of cleaning cartridges may last the lifetime of your printer.