Printer Test Pages

Internet-ink Printer Test Pages

Print a test page with these printer test pages which will allow you to see the print quality of the cartridges in your printer as well as helping to clean and align your print head as part of general maintenance with your printer.

Here we have two printer test pages designed by our print test team at Internet-ink. One black printer test page which can be used for monochrome printers (only printing in black) and another printer test page for checking colour pages.

This printer test page will check black, cyan, magenta and yellow ink cartridges

What Benefits Do Printer Test Pages Offer

There are many benefits for using a printer test page with your printing equipment as part of general maintenance of your printer or helping to troubleshoot some issues you're having with either your printer, print heads or ink cartridges.

Printer test pages will clean your print head by flushing ink though the print head forcing out any blockage that may stop the ink flowing when printing a document or photographs.

The grid on the black and white test page and the colour bars on the colour test page sheet are there to help identify any alignment issues within the printer. If there is any alignment issues you will be able to tell as the colours will overlap or have gaps between the colours.

If you have alignment issues we would suggest that you run an alignment or calibration cycle which is already available in your printer settings. This is usually available in the printers software or through the printers user settings interface. If you can’t find it you can always check the printer’s user guide to help locate these tools.

Using Black and Colour Printer Test Pages

When you haven't used your printer in a while, or the position of the printer is in a warm area or by a radiator, this can lead to issues with your print quality by blocking the printer heads and clog up cartridges.

What we would recommend is by printing either a black printer test page or colour printer test page at least once a week, to prevent issues. In a worst case scenario try to run a test page or maintenance cycle at least once a month.