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The Sheaffer Sentinel ballpoint pen and pencil series comes with free 1st class delivery and top rated service at Internet-ink.


Great Value Sheaffer Sentinel Pens at Internet-ink

The Sheaffer Sentinel features an easy to use and convinient push button mechanism that activates the pen instantly. With its slim profile and smooth penmanship, the Sheaffer Sentinel pen is perfect for popping in to your pocket or handbag for whenever you need a pen. Great value and an ideal gift for those who like to jot down notes, such as students, journalists and professionals. With its distinctive chrome plate top, it appeals to both the classic and contemporary pen users.


It's stylish yet classic slim profile allows for a pleasurable and elegant writing experience in both the ballpoint and pencil models. Available in a wide range of finishes, from Matte Black with 22K Gold, Chrome Plate with 22K Gold to coloured, the Sentinel has a broad appeal  to a wide selection of people. Presented in a luxury gift box, the Sheaffer Sentinel is the perfect gift for students, professionals and those who appreciate a precision writing instrument. 


1 Year Guarantee on Sheaffer Sentinel at Internet-ink

Along with fast free 1st class delivery on Sheaffer Sentinel pens, you also get a 1 year guarantee on any damages. The Sheaffer Sentinel is available in a number of colours as well as in ballpoint pen and 0.7mm pencil variations. You can find all this and more Sheaffer pens at Internet-ink.