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HP Printer Ink Cartridges

Internet-ink provides discount prices on HP ink cartridges designed to work specifically with original HP inkjet printers. In addition to original HP printer ink cartridges we offer our own compatible HP ink cartridges.

HP Compatible Ink Cartridges

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to original HP ink cartridges, Internet Ink has a range of compatible HP printer ink cartridges to rival the quality of the original HP printer cartridge product for less than half the price. Internet Ink has worked with HP inks and HP ink cartridges for over 10 years, and using our lengthy experience we have created an alternative HP printer cartridge product that comes with a guarantee that any of our HP printer ink cartridges can treble the number of prints from your current choice of HP inks, and at no loss to quality.


All of this research and understanding of HP printer cartridges and the needs of our customers means you can trust any of our HP printer ink cartridge product alternatives to be as reliable as any original HP ink cartridges you might buy. We also deliver any of our HP ink products and we'll even throw in a 10% off ink cartridges discount code for you and your family and friends to use on future orders. This means the amount you save on your HP ink in any of our HP printer cartridge range is even greater than advertised.


Our company has invested over two years discovering that the bigger brand names all use the same universal ink in HP printer ink cartridges and others. This discovery lead to our understanding that you can create an alternative HP printer cartridge product that is of the same quality as an original HP printer ink cartridge. In fact our range of HP printer cartridges also guarantees treble the number of prints to every original HP printer ink cartridge you buy.


HP Original Printer Supplies


Many consumers choose not to buy compatible HP printer ink cartridges out of concern that using a HP printer cartridge that is not an original product will void their printer warranty. Internet Ink can assure our customers that the using of HP printer cartridges has never caused such an incident in our history of making HP printer cartridges.


Recycling HP Printer Ink Cartridges


Internet Ink also provide a recycling service for every one of our HP ink cartridge products so that whether you use your HP printer ink cartridges infrequently or you represent a business with a large turnover of HP printer cartridges, you can reduce your carbon footprint in a cost effective way. In addition to our recyclable programme, we even create our HP ink cartridges from re-manufactured materials. This means that by investing in any of our HP printer cartridges, you are reducing waste twice over. HP Printer Ink Internet Ink are aware, that other alternative HP printer ink cartridges manufacturers have given compatible HP printer cartridges a bad reputation in the past due to poor quality.


1. Our superior preparation method is the key to our great quality HP compatible ink cartridges. All the empty original cartridges that we use in the manufacture of our compatible HP ink cartridges are flushed of any residual ink and then boil washed with a high pressure vacuum washer. This system allows the inside & outside of the cartridge to be flushed with our own ink cleaning solution. The result of this process is a perfectly clean but wet empty ink cartridge.


2. In order to dry the ink cartridge we use a centrifuge and vacuum oven. The centrifuge spins out most of remaining cleaning solution before the empty cartridges are placed in our vacuum oven. This then evaporates all the remaining solution out of the ink cartridge without heating the cartridge above 40°C, so not damaging the ink cartridge.


3. Before being filled with ink the empty ink cartridge is electronically tested by our CBR testing rigs. The CBR rigs can test every single nozzle within the ink cartridge. You may not realise that an ink cartridges head consists of up to 700 individual nozzles that release ink onto the page.


4. Now the empty ink cartridge is ready to be filled with ink. The interior of the ink cartridge is simply a special type of sponge that stops the ink from sloshing around within the cartridge. We inject our ink into the empty ink cartridge with in a vacuum chamber so that as the ink is injected into the cartridge the air is removed by the vacuum with in the chamber. The result is an ink cartridge containing ink, not air bubbles.


5. The ink cartridge is now tested in both a CBR printer rig & an actual printer. This gets the ink flowing or primes the cartridge ready for you to use.


6. The ink cartridge is now ready to be sealed with our Bowajet cartclip transport clip which not only protects the head and body of the cartridge but also seals the ink head of the cartridge so colours do not mix and spoil the ink cartridge.


7. Now labelled and vacuum sealed in an antistatic bag, the process is complete. We pack you HP ink and its sent to you ready for your printer.

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