Instructions For Care & Use Of Our Ink Cartridges

In order to maintain both your printer and the cartridges you have just purchased you must follow the instructions for care and use as detailed below. Following these procedures below form part of your warranty.

Software & Firmware
Our compatible ink cartridges are manufactured to work with the printers inbuilt firmware at the time the ink cartridge is manufactured.
If you change the firmware within you printer then the cartridge and the printer may no longer be able to communicate. Therefore it is a term of our warranty that no firmware updates take place from the point of purchase of our ink cartridges. The easiest way to comply with this term is to disable automatic updates and decline manual updates on your printer. Read more about firmware updates here .

Ink cartridges should be stored out of direct sunlight and not exposed to large changes of temperature. Ideally stored between 5C and 20C.
They should be handled carefully & remain sealed in their original packaging. 
Store cartridges upright in the same orientation as they would be when installed in the printer.
Once the packaging is opened the degradation of the cartridges is accelerated. Don`t buy too many cartridges that are going to be out of date before you get chance to use them. One years worth maximum. Ink cartridges over 18 months are past their best and should not be used.

Follow your printer manufactures ink cartridge installation procedure as per your printers user manual. Remove all packaging and transport safety clips if fitted. ( See images below ). Also remove protective print head film if fitted. 
For even more specific information and help we do recommend
This website will help you with all sorts of issues including cleaning and maintaining your printer.
Never touch the electrical contacts on the ink cartridge and handle carefully. Never allow these electrical contacts to become dirty with ink or any other substance.
Never install a ink cartridge that has any type of contaminate on the electric contacts includes ink, sweat or dirt. 
Additional information and general troubleshooting is contained on our FAQ page .


Because of the perishable nature of ink your printer requires regular cleaning. Follow the manufacturers instructions for regular head cleans and head alignments.

Ideally you should take empty and unwanted ink cartridges to your local council recycling centre. It is not illegal to dispose of empty ink cartridge in general waste but recycling is a much better option.