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The new Kodak printers use cheaper ink cartridges. Almost everyone who owns an inkjet printer will attest to the fact that their Kodak ink supplies don't last long and when it comes to replacing them, they are very expensive. Besides being expensive it is also wasteful.

Great Photo Printing With Kodak Ink

Kodak is rectifying this by offering Kodak ink and Kodak printer cartridges that cost substantially less. Kodak ink cartridges, Kodak printer cartridges and Kodak printer ink are so affordable that most home users won't have to worry about turning their printers into home photo labs as it will be possible to produce all their photograph prints to be affordable. Kodak is hoping their cheaper Kodak printer cartridges will set a trend in the market.

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It is no surprise that Kodak have ventured into the printing industry. Producing high quality Kodak ink cartridges, Kodak printers and Kodak printer cartridges they have successfully kept abreast of the digital age and have become a contender in the digital imaging market by providing users with a total package.

Just as they have history of producing easy to use camera equipment and affordable digital cameras, they are doing the same now by offering high quality printers equipment such as Kodak printer cartridges, Kodak ink cartridges and Kodak printer ink. In fact Kodak ink cartridges are priced at around 50% lower than most established brands.

In 2006, Kodak released their all-in-one high quality Kodak printers which are capable of producing laboratory quality prints. At the same time they offer substantial savings in terms of Kodak ink cartridges and this is due the fact that they are not manufactured with a print head, instead Kodak printer cartridges serve as a tank which contains the Kodak printer ink.

Kodak claim that their printers are capable of printing twice the amount of photos with their Kodak ink cartridges in comparison to competitors printers due to the fact that consumers need only replace the Kodak printer ink instead of the Kodak print cartridges. Users don’t have to throw away the print head each time they need to replace their ink cartridges, all they need do is replace the Kodak printer ink contained within.

Kodak Printers History

Kodak is possibly best known for their Easyshare branding which the developed in order to give users top quality photo printing 'on the go'. Easyshare printers use inkjet technology, Kodak ink cartridges and built in printer heads. Their printers offer affordable Kodak printer ink and Kodak ink cartridges which cut the cost of printing to almost half, plus their range of colour Kodak printer cartridges produce only the highest quality prints.

Getting high quality prints with affordable printing equipment makes Kodak ink a brand to contend with.

How Kodak has evolved. Kodak started off in 1870, very long before Kodak printers cartridges and Kodak printer ink were household names, yet it wasn't until 1888 that Kodak became a trademark name. Their slogan at that time was you push the button, we do the rest” which they still uphold today. In 1923 Kodak broke into the motion picture films and continued building their brand since then. Kodak today has diversified their range to include printing equipment such as Kodak ink cartridges and Kodak printer ink. Where digital imaging meets printing, Kodak remains a force to be reckoned with.

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Kodak Ink Cartridges By Number

Kodak Ink Cartridges By Number