5 Ways to Improve How you Store Ink Cartridges

2014-10-29 10:25:17

Published on 2014-10-29 10:25:17

There’s nothing worse than coming to print and finding that the ink cartridges you purchased a while ago no longer work. Storing ink cartridges properly can lengthen their life span dramatically. With just a few tips on how to store your ink cartridges, you can make sure that your ink lasts until when you actually need to use it.


5 ways to improve how you store ink cartridges

1. Store ink cartridges upright

Whether it is in its box or loose, make sure to stand the ink cartridge in an upright position at all times. Some manufacturers recommend keeping cartridges with the print head facing up, especially cartridges that contain more than one colour. Storing cartridges lying down could cause inks to mix.


2. Store ink cartridges in cool places

Store all ink cartridges in a cool ventilated place and do not expose to temperatures over room temperature. Ink could start to foam up creating bubbles which can cause leaks over time.


3. Keep the cartridges sealed

This keeps the ink in its original state and keeps the print head moist. No air escapes or gets caught in the cartridge, helping to ensure no parts are affected.


4. Seal the cartridge bag

Moisture is important when storing ink cartridges, so seal the bag with the cartridge inside. If the bag has been opened, try sealing the bag with an elastic band.


5. Keep in a dark room

Keeping the cartridges in a dark room stops the ink quality being degraded by direct sunlight.Ink cartridges that have already been opened can be stored for up to 6 months if kept in the right conditions, whilst new and sealed cartridges can last for 2 years. If cartridges have been stored for a while and you wish to print, do not just insert the cartridge into the printer and begin printing. Doing this could damage your printer and waste your ink. Just follow these quick steps:


- Firstly, unseal the cartridge, check for any ink spills and wipe any dust and spills off.

- Check the print head is moist by wiping tissue paper across the print head.

- Make sure the cartridge contact terminals appear as they should be.

- Insert into printer and print a test page.


Storing ink cartridges correctly can increase how long the inks last, but it is also worth taking care of your printer too. Printers can be affected by dust and ink spills if unused for long periods. A printer that’s not functioning correctly could end up costing you unnecessary money. For a guide on how you can care and save money with your printer, read here.


Posted by Wayne Hogan

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