How Reliable Are Compatible Ink Cartridges

With the price of original ink cartridges ever increasing we get asked by many of our customer how reliable compatible ink cartridges really are ? The simple truth is as with all things, you get what you pay for ! With that in mind with have never tried to cut the cost of both the ink in our compatible cartridges and secondly the electronic communication chip built into the cartridge. Both fundamental components of a compatible ink cartridge.

The easiest way to talk about compatible cartridge reliability is by manufacturer. It has to be said that printer manufacturer don`t like compatible cartridges as they cut into original cartridge sales but the way they deal with this issue differs greatly.

Epson, Canon & Brother seem to reluctantly put up with compatible cartridges by throwing the odd firmware update out there but generally our compatibles for these brands offer amazing reliability at about 1 failure per 3000 cartridges sold. 

HP however seem to employ every trick in the book to stop compatible ink cartridges. In general the models that take separate cartridges for each colour offer the same reliability as the brands above but the printers that take tri-colour and black cartridges have many issues to overcome to produce a truly compatible cartridge.