5 Tips to Cut the Cost of Office Printing Costs



One of the growing costs in the modern office is the cost of ink cartridges, toner cartridges and paper for printers. It is impossible to avoid these costs, but it is possible to reduce them and make them more manageable. It is possible to follow a few simple steps to reduce how much ink and toner you use, thus reducing your office printing costs.

 5 ways to reduce office printing costs

1. Change printer properties

You can save money by reducing how much ink and toner your device prints with. In your printers properties section on its software, you can change your options to print in Draft mode. By printing in Draft mode, only a selected amount of dots are used to make up the image, but importantly they are still readable. This process not only reduces how much ink is used, it also makes printing documents quicker.


2. Use compatible ink

You can use compatible ink and toner cartridges instead of original manufacturer cartridges. These cartridges are made by third party manufacturers and produce the same quality results as original cartridges, but for a much reduced price. Compatible ink cartridges have been tested and are often even made from recycled original cartridges, so they guarantee function with your printer.


3. Use High Capacity cartridges

You can buy High Capacity or XL forms of ink cartridges so your ink lasts longer. These cartridges, available in both original and compatible cartridges contain more ink than standard capacity cartridges, so you can print more pages for less money.


4. Duplex printing

You can use duplex printing to print on both sides of a sheet of paper. This can save you up to half on your printer paper costs.


5. More on one page

You can print more than one page per sheet. For example, if you are printing two A5 documents, you can print them both on one single A4 page to save yourself both time and money.


Following all of these steps or just a few can dramatically decrease the cost of running your office printer. You can also save money by changing the font you use.