How To Prepare For Your New Printer


Many people find the idea of setting up a new printer a daunting concept. However, whether your machine is for the home or office, and regardless of what manufacturer your printer is, there are a number of things to help you prepare for a new machine.


This is important whether your new printer is for the home or work space. If you are waiting for a new machine for your office, every minute wasted setting it up is time that could have been spent working and could result in a loss of productivity for you and your workers. However, it is also important for the home user as being unprepared can often lead to frustrations and could mean that you simply give up on setting up certain features of the printer, meaning that you are not getting value for money.


Buy spare ink cartridges


Once you have ordered your printer, make sure that you order a spare set of cartridges. This means that you will never run out and ensures that if you encounter an error with the printing you can easily check to see whether it is the cartridge or something with the printer. Already having a spare set also means that you can keep an eye out for deals and buy when you see a good deal, rather than being forced into buying more ink when the current levels get low. Internet-ink offers a wide range of both original and compatible inks for your printer.


It is likely that, when you get a new printer, you will want to play around with the new features and experiment. This means that your ink could run low sooner than normal, with a spare set you are already prepared for this eventuality. You will also want to make sure you have a generous supply of paper. If you are a business you may want to have a range of types from multipurpose to high quality paper designed by your printer's manufacturer. For most prints, multipurpose paper will be more than good enough, while for projects or proposals you may prefer a more premium quality.


Install printer drivers


When your printer arrives, make sure you install any necessary drivers. Features such as AirPrint allow printing without having to do this but to get full use of your machine, it is likely that these will be needed at some point. It's also a good idea to prepare the space that your printer will sit. Make sure you dust the area and that there is nothing that could fall onto or obstruct the machine. This could damage the unit or limit its ability to work to full quality.


Research your printer and ink cartridges


It is common for users to get too excited when a new printer comes that they neglect to read the user manual or skim read it - missing key details. If this sounds like you, find an online version of the document and give it a read through before your machine arrives. You can then make notes of the things that you are likely to forget, and miss out the parts that you already have knowledge about. This should help reduce frustration and allow you to get your printer up and running as quickly as possible.This will also help you to identify any cables or supplies that you may need. This allows you to get these ahead of time, meaning that you don't have to wait around once your printer arrives and you are keen to get it working.


You should also make note of the printer's serial number and the company's tech support number before your machine arrives. It's good to have these details on hand so if you can't find it online, make sure you note it down as soon as the unit arrives.


James T Graves