How to fix Common Printer Problems


How to fix Common Printer Problems


If you’re having problems with your printer, then we have compiled some quick and simple solutions to help your solve 99% of your printer problems. Tried and tested over 15 years of dealing with printers and ink technology. Internet-ink are the ink experts.


Check you have the correct ink or toner1. Check you have the right ink or toner.

Your printer has been happily printing for a ages and suddenly when you put in your new cartridges it doesn't work any more. Check that you have purchased the correct ink cartridges or toner for your printer. Sometimes offers or printers can be slightly confusing.


2. Paper Jams. Check your printer

Sometimes the slightest rip in your paper or some dust has aggregated on the rollers can cause the sensors to create a paper jam warning. Most printers are very accessible, so just uncover you printer carefully remove the paper from the tray and the ink cartridge out of the carriage, use a damp cloth to clean the dust off the printer until you are happy you have removed as much as you can. Check the inside and back of the printer until you are sure you can’t find any paper or debris. Turn the printer off for 30 seconds, the once back on, the reload the paper and print.


Update your printer driver3. When was the last time you updated your printer driver?

Printers like ink cartridges and toner are constantly changing and updating, some printers may prompt you to update them or older ones you may have to do manually. If you’re unsure what driver you may need, go to your printer manufacturer’s website and look for your printer, the driver will be listed on the website. Make sure you back up the old driver if you can on your computer just to make sure if installing the new printer driver doesn't work, then you can just reinstall the old one that you have backed up.


HP 364 Ink Cartridges should give you no problems

4. Check your ink or toner cartridges.

OK you have exhausted a few options; maybe it’s just the ink or toner cartridge that you have purchase 99% of OEM or original cartridges such work first time if you have the correct one installed. If you opt for the massively cheaper recycled ink cartridges or compatible version, they should 99% of the time work as well, however you may have more issues as they are not manufactured by the printers manufacturer, so you may encounter errors such as ‘not a compatible cartridge’, ‘low ink warnings’, these are all common and most can be ignored so don’t panic.If you’re unsure and one of your cartridges has a fault, most reputable companies offer superb support with printing FAQ’s and tests you can do. They should then be able to replace your faulty cartridge, providing you are within the T&C’s.


Old printer5. Check the age of your printer, it may be costing you more than you think.

How long have you had your printer? If it’s an office inkjet it may be exhausted, if it’s a home printer and you have had it for over 5 years, it may be time for an upgrade. In the time you have had your printer, technology has moved on in terms of ink and printing. Your ink cartridges become more expensive as it’s harder to get hold of them. Most printers are available on good offers if you time it right, if you’re unsure what printer to get, just have a look around for reviews, remember your last printer lasted for over 5 years, so times your investment by number of years. For example you’re willing to pay £20 for a new printer, times that by 5, your budget should be around £100, which is more than enough for a decent all in one or inkjet printer as they can be purchased a good level of around £60.


99% off problems are solved by turning the printer off then unplugging the printer from the mains, this disconnects the power and resets the printer, and you could even go and make yourself a cup of tea or coffee., come back and turn it back on and attempt printing, this may even work a treat.


Finally, if you have exhausted all options, check the experts, if the experts cost too much, it may be easier just to buy a new printer!