How To Improve Your Printing


Whether you are a business or home user, ensuring print quality every time you send a document or image to your machine, is incredibly important.This helps to reduce waste and the cost of printer ink, as well as making sure you don't get stressed or disappointed with the outcome.

Check the Paper Your Using

One of the easiest ways to improve your prints is to look at the paper you are using. This can have a big impact on what your print looks like when it is completed. For many printers, the type of paper can control where the ink goes and how much it blurs or bleeds. Higher quality paper will give you better prints for both images and documents as it provides the printer ink with a better surface.


However, you may not want to pay an extortionate amount for your paper, especially if you have children that often use the printer, but do your research and you may find a happy medium for times when you want prints to look their best.


Check Your Printer Set up

Once you have the right paper, it's important to make sure you have the printer set up for the right type of paper you are using. Different papers often require different types of ink, and use varying proportions of colours to get the final product. By ensuring that you select the right paper before you print, it helps your machine to perform to its highest quality for that particular surface.


Many people opt for inkjet printers, which are often reliable and cost-effective machines, but they can fall victim to smearing because something gets stuck to the print head. The easiest way to deal with this is to open up the printer so you can see your ink cartridges, make sure nothing is sticking to them. If you notice smearing after you have just changed an ink cartridge, and the printer's cartridge has a nozzle, make sure that there is no protective tape over the nozzle, as this will blur the ink across the page. If some of the tape is still attached, remove it, but make sure that you don't touch the nozzle plate.


Furthermore, check the printer settings for the type of quality for your prints. For example you can save on ink if your printing simple documents in draft mode. However, once you want to add in that professional touch on your photo, you need to look at the 'printing preferences' on your printer. If your printing photos the difference between normal printing mode and best photo is noticeable, it will also help the longevity of your prints making them look better and last longer. The problem with this mode is simply that you'll be using more ink, so make sure you get the paper set up in the right way before you print.