Save Money on the Best Cartridge Costs


We all can cartridge save as replacing ink cartridges can work out to be expensive. Printer ink has been known to be more expensive than champagne, oil and even blood! As printer users we are more digitally aware but we do still print. So when it comes to buying new ink cartridges, you can save money with a bit of knowledge.

You can save on cartridges by switching to the cheaper alternative which can save you a lot of money in the long run. With some of the cheapest printers to run being from the Canon and Epson ranges.

You may think that simply buying the cheapest cartridges in is the best save, when in fact, there are more things to consider. When choosing, look at how economical a particular brand is. You need to know how many pages you can print per cartridge so you can gauge what you want from your ink.

Why Cartridge Save on your Printer?

Cartridges from third party manufactures can be made to your printer at home, with printers from Epson, Canon, HP and Brother among some of the popular printers on the market.

By thinking of looking at testing alternative products, the cartridge you may end up could save you a lot in the long run.

High capacity ink cartridges offer the best savings and value as they have the highest page yields, as long as you print often otherwise the ink may dry up a little.

Roughly speaking, high capacity XL cartridges will on average print a page of black for approximately 2.2p and a 3 colour page for about 4.6p.Cartridge save with cheap printing

HP and Brother both produce black pages for a cost of 2.7p per page. However, when it comes to printing colour, HP just wins with 4.7p per print as opposed to Brother’s 4.9p.

The price of Epson ink varies quite a bit between printer models. For example, the Workforce series produces black prints for 2.1p and colour prints for 5.2p. Towards, the other end of the cartridge range is the Epson Stylus printers, which averages 3.9p per page for black and almost 6.6p for colour.

For Canon printers, the best cost per page option would be the PIXMA range, such as an MG5320. This will produce a black page for 3.1p and a colour page for 5.4p.

Low costs per page can offer you great saving on you cartridges, but consider how the costs add up when you regularly print thousands or even just hundreds of pages. Printing costs can quickly add up, but by looking for the lowest cost per page, you can make savings, without compromising on your prints.

Save on Cartridges with Third Party InkMore often than not, the cheapest ink cartridges are remanufactured or compatible inks. These ink cartridges cost far less than the branded inks and produce results that are comparable in quality. What’s more, using third-party ink could mean that less cartridges are thrown away when they can be recycled.

Can you Buy Cartridges from Third Party’s?

Think of buying a cartridge, in the same light as a ‘saver’ brand at the supermarket. The product when purchased from a reputable dealer such as will not damage your printer.

In some cases printer ink cartridges can cost more in the long run than the printer.

Third Party ink cartridges can save you between 60% - 80% off genuine ink cartridges in some brands and perform exactly as you need them.

If you need help, just ask for some information on compatible ink or third party ink and you’ll be pointed in the right direction for your printer.

It’s well worth considering a compatible cartridge to save your pocket on something else.

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