What is Duplex Printing?


Duplex printing is simply, printing on both sides of the paper. You can do this either automatically (if your printer has this function) or manually (by turning the paper over after printing). Duplex printing allows you to save on paper by using both sides and create neat and tidy documents with your printer.

In order to use duplex printing simply select the option in either your word processing document in the page setup, which will show you the options and how to proceed. You can also check if you’re printer has a duplex printing function which will either mean you have to do it manually or automatic.

What is a Duplex Printer and How to Buy One?

Most printers with a duplex function will have a ‘D’ on the end of the printer for example SL-C301ND. The duplex printing function may differ slightly from model to model and how a manufacture implements in to the printer. But if you r printer has the duplex function you will be able to use it from the printers function menu.

There are two options to print with using duplex printing. Auto duplex printing and Manual Duplex printing.

What is Auto Duplex Printing?

In order to use Auto duplex printing you can select this option to print for all type of documents during the print settings menu. Most of the time the auto duplex printing is turned off by default. This is easy to set up via either the printing setting menu or straight from the page settings in the documents you are about to print.

What is Manual Duplex Printing?

By using Manual duplex printing sometimes the settings can be similar to above. However most documents may give you the option to print double sided. Sometimes you can print either all odd or even number at a time then flip them over and print the opposite to print on the other side. This is especially useful when printing with the older type of printer or printing when your printer doesn’t have the auto duplex printing function built in.

What are the Benefits of Duplex Printing?

The benefits of using duplex printing mean that you can save a lot of money on paper. If you need the duplex printing function it’s best advised that you look for a printing that uses the D function in the printer name which included such brands as HP, Canon, Samsung, Lexmark, Kyocera which all offer printing with a duplex function. By choosing the right printer with the right toners and functions you need, you’ll not only save money on overall costs but time spent using and creating documents at the same time.