How to Remove Ink Stains


Nothing worse than getting an ink stain on the end of your finger when taking an old ink cartridge out of your printer, or worse than that get an ink stain on to your clothing. In this how to guild we’ll show you how to remove ink from cloths, furniture and skin.

How to Remove Ink Stains from Skin

Before trying this method make sure you have the appropriate protective gear and have seeked advice.

The most common stain you’ll find yourself cleaning will be from your fingers, it’s inevitable at some when you are taking ink cartridge in or out of your printer. The trick with all tough stains is to act fast. So as soon as you notice you have some ink on you take action before it can sink in.

A great go to is tea tree oil. All you need to do is put a few drops on to some cloth or nailbrush and scrub until the stain have lifted. Ink stains are about as stubborn as they come, so you might need to reapply the tea tree oil a few times. Finally, thoroughly wash your hands to avoid getting any tea tree oil in your eyes.

How to Remove Ink Stains from Clothes

Before trying this method make sure you have the appropriate protective gear and have seeked advice.

First thing first. Under no circumstance rub or scrub an ink stain on fabric you will just spread the stain. Start by wetting a cloth with cold water, then start dabbing the ink to take the surface ink out of the stain. Then let the stain dry naturally before getting an alcohol-based hairspray to break down the rest of ink, now place a dish cloth or something similar under the stain then apply a generous amount of hairspray to the ink stain.

Once the hairspray has dried, dab it again with a damp cloth and you should be able to lift the majority of the stain out.


Similar to removing ink from skin, removing ink from clothing will only be successful in you act immediately

If you don’t have any alcohol-based hairspray handy, for white fabrics use chlorine bleach mixed with cold water to remove the ink stain.

It’s important to use cold water, as hot water will set the ink into your fabric.

For coloured fabrics use a mix of detergent and ammonia with some cold water, make sure you test on the material before application.


How to Remove Ink Stains from Furniture

Before trying this method make sure you have the appropriate protective gear and have seeked advice.

If you have got some ink on upholstered furniture, just follow the same processes as if you was removing the ink stain from cloths. However if you’re trying to remove a stain from wood you have a couple more options. If you are trying to clean a stain off painted wood you can use also use the following instructions but we recommend you do a test somewhere unnoticeable first to be sure it doesn’t affect the colour.

Baking Soda Method

Nice and easy this one, all you need to do in make a paste out of the baking soda and cold water. Then rub the paste in to the stain being careful not to sand the wood, repeat this until the stain has lifted. After this use a rubbing alcohol or detergent to lift the glaze that may have been left behind by the baking soda.

Alcohol Method

For this you can use alcohol-based hairspray or a rubbing alcohol. Just apply the alcohol to a cotton pad or bud, then dab the ink stain on your furniture until it has cleared up. Once you finished lifting the stain rinse the alcohol off.

Internet-ink takes no responsibility for any customers trying these cleaning methods. We advise taking all precautions necessary and take advice before under taking any of these methods.

These are not guaranteed to work, however are proven to increase the chances of removing stains from fabrics. Internet-ink advises you check the cartridge before opening it and read the instructions with cartridges. If you are unsure contact the customer support team to help advice you with the best way to open cartridges and avoid spillages.

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