What Do The Letters At The End Of My Printer Model Mean?


When it comes to buying a new printer understanding the features to each printer, like the HP LaserJet Pro MFP M477fdn, M477fdw and M477fnw can be a little overwhelming. With no clear guide from the printer manufactures they might as well be hieroglyphs.

So What do the Letters Mean?

The letters provide a quick reference of the key features the printer has. So when we see two or three letters at the end of a printer model, that printer has two or three extra features.

That said this only applies to the letter after the printers model. (For example, with the Brother HL-3170CDW “HL” is the printer’s family group and “CDW” tells you what features the printer boasts.)

Here is list of all the letters you might find at the end of your printer model.

B – Battery

B stands for Battery, this means the printer has the option to use a battery, making the printer portable. This is probably the most uncommon letter you’ll see on a printer.

BT – Bluetooth

BT stands for Bluetooth, Speaks for its self, allows you to print via Bluetooth.

C – Colour

C stands for Colour, one of the more pointless letters. This just means the printer prints in colour. We still can’t work out why this is here as they don’t make non-colour versions with the same model number.

D – Duplex

D stands for Duplex, This just means the printer can print on both sides of a page without having to manually flip and reinsert the paper.

We have another article that give much more detail on duplex printing "What is Duplex Printing?" .

E - ePrint

E stands for ePrint, E allows you to print via email. Most HP and MFP (Multi-function Printers) printers come with this feature.

F - Fax

F stands for Fax, not one you see too much now days, but some people still use them.

H - Hard Disk

H stand for Hard Disk, printer hard disks open up a world of features for the printer. features like user profiles (so you can cap printing limits), saving faxes if ink has ran out and scheduled print jobs. These features are best used in an office or even home printing alike.

i - Imaging (Memory Card Slots)

i stands for Imaging (Memory Card Slots) this simply adds a memory card slot to the printer. However not every printer that has a memory card slot indicates this with an i. Be sure to check if this is a feature you want with your printer.

MFP – Multi-Function Printer

MFP stands for Multi-Function Printer, typically MFP is an “all-in-one” printer with the bonus functions including scan,copy and fax. This can vary depending on the printer so it always worth checking to see what features you're getting.

N - Network

N stands for Network, the Network feature is typically an Ethernet port or Wi-Fi connectivity, again it’s always worth double checking to see what you're getting. Similar to N you have NW, this means the printer is more than likely to have wireless networking as a feature and no physical Ethernet port.

S - Stacker or Stapler

S stands for one of two things, "Stacker" or "Stapler". The stacker basically means a section where the printed paper is stacked. The stapler again does a similar job. It staples printed paper together.

SK - Stacker and Stapler

SK stands for Stacker and Stapler which is simpler than the last letter. in this feature you get both a stacker and a stapler. This function is only found in high volume laser printers.

T - Extra Tray

T stands for Extra Tray. Simply this means an extra tray included with the printer. By doing this a estra tray usally gives you space for an extra ream of paper.

W – Wireless

W stands for Wireless. Wireless means the printer will have wireless capability for connivance of printing from a smart device or your computer with no cables. Most modern printers will feature wireless printing. The alternative to wireless printing is to connect you're printer via USB cable directly from the printer to the PC.

X - Duplex, Extra Tray and Networking

X stands for Duplex, Extra Tray and Networking. The new upgraded x feature which used to be “DNT” however manufactures thought they would simplify it by making it single letter, with no indication.

Just keep in mind “X” can also mean different selections of these printing features. The most common selection of features Duplex, Extra Tray and Networking. Make sure to check a printer’s spec list to find out exactly what you're getting.

These combinations of letter give you a good idea of what a printer can do without having to do too much digging for information on a printer.

If you see multiple letters, they’re highlighting the combination of features.

So CDW becomes colour, duplexing and wireless capability.

FDN means you’ll get fax, duplexing and networking connectivity.

We will continue to keep this up to date if you find any latter that aren’t in out printer model list please get in contact with our support team .

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