Online Ink Cartridge Buying Guide


When you’re looking to buy ink cartridges for your printer it can be very confusing what to look out for and compare to make sure you’re getting the best quality, service and value.

When buying printer ink cartridges in order to get the best value it’s important to check a few things first to make sure getting the best short- and long-term value.

In this article is a simple guide to buying ink cartridges that we have compiled with our vast experience to help you with your choice. All inkjet cartridges are available to buy in the current market. Scroll down to find out more:

Buying Ink Cartridges For A Printer

Firstly, if you have purchased your new printer or in the market for a printer, there are 1000’s of printers available so it’s important to source the correct printer for your induvial needs of a home or a business.

Make sure you have researched both the printer and MORE IMPORTANTLY the ongoing cost of the ink cartridges that will be used in the printer.

IMPORTANT if you take nothing more out of this online ink cartridge buying guide take this important piece of information.

Golden rule 1. When searching for a new printer. If it only takes 2 cartridges (i.e., a black and a colour) find one with individual slots (4-6 cartridge slots) depending on your printer.

Why? This is because a printer needs all the cartridges to operate and function. If you end up purchasing a 2-cartridge printer. Once the any of colours (cyan, magenta & yellow) has run out, you’ll be left with an empty cartridge that won’t work. Therefore, saving a LOT of money on cartridges.

Secondly, 2 cartridge printers cost more to make the cartridges both originals, remanufactured and compatibles. You’ll find they are harder to get hold of and also cost more to buy. You have been warned!

Golden rule 2. Always CHECK the COST of the ink cartridges for your printer both in original and compatible (what’s the difference?) before buying your printer. In most cases ink cartridges cost more than the printer. Compatible ink cartridges will offer you higher capacities in most cases and better long-term value.

Ink Cartridges Buying Guide

Check The Ink Cartridge Capacity

All ink cartridges should have displayed capacity on your cartridge or a combined capacity (if the cartridge is in a pack).

TIP – Don’t always look at the price, although it may seem cheaper this is not always the case due to the lower fill or capacity in the cartridge.

TIP – When looking at capacity on ink cartridges or multipacks. Take into account how often you use your printer. If you’re not using much (i.e., 1 set a year) don’t overbuy your cartridges, otherwise over time they may dry up, even if stored correctly.

Check The Combined Ink Cartridge Cost

So, when looking for your ink cartridges and looking at price always take into account both VAT and delivery added on your cartridge. It’s a whole package.

Check The Cost Per Print

When looking at the cost compared with capacity, you should also see a cost per page CPP. This is generally used in conjunction with a guestimations on industry standards at 5% average coverage (what is this?).

Everyone prints differently so if you’re printing full pages you will get less pages than the estimate. If you’re printing multi coloured full A4 photos you will get less. If you have variations in printing colours some will last longer than others, again depending on your usage. So, just take this will a pinch of salt.

How Long Will Set Up Cartridges Last?

These will not last long at all. Make sure once you have purchased your printer. You try and find the cartridges for your printer. If you are at all unsure any reputable company will have a good customer service to guide your through the new options for your printer to get the best deal with your usage.

Depending on your printing needs you will mainly have too option original manufactures cartridges OEMs’ or compatible non manufactures cartridges.

Buying compatible cartridges will not invalidate the warranty on your printer. If you use compatible cartridges from a reputable company and you use them correctly as stated on the installation instructions. You will not damage your printer.

If you need OEM or original inks and are printing high quality professional photos it may be more expensive to purchase cartridges, but you’ll get piece of mind. Again, choose your printer carefully.

Single or Multipacks

When buying ink cartridges, you come to the choice of buying induvial or in bulk. Generally, you will always get the better value when purchasing in bulk as the value is that all costs are lower when you buy more. This includes shipping and packaging.

When faced with the option again check with the usage on your printer. Most reputable companies will give a guarantee and returns on faulty or unused cartridges.

But to get the best value just buy what you need over the course of 6 months to 1 year. Why? If the cartridges chip gets updated, you’ll always have the latest one.

If you’re printer breaks or you decide to get a new one, you may be able to return your cartridges for a credit or refund. It may also be able to put to the cost of your new ink.

TIP - Always only buy what you need for 6 months – 1 year

Black and Colour Cartridges

Buying Ink Cartridges For Printer Models with 2 Cartridges

Firstly, try and return the printer, it will only end up costing you a lot of money in the long run.

What you have with the ink cartridge choices on these printers are what’s call original, remanufactured or compatible ink cartridges. (what’s this).

You will have 2 slots on the printer one for black and one for colour. The colour cartridge will take the cyan, magenta and yellow all in one cartridge.

The cartridge is split into 3 and the cartridge capacity will give you a combined capacity. For example, if the colour has 9ml then that’s 3ml for each colour cyan, magenta and yellow.

Again, as before always check the price, ml and your usage together before coming to a decision. All cartridges should be covered by a support service and or warranty to help you install the cartridges and make sure your up and printing.

TIP – To stop the cartridges drying up try and print 1 or 2 pages a month to keep the ink flowing in your printer. Never leave a printer without the cartridges installed.

Buying Ink Cartridges For Printer Models with 4 Cartridges

You will in most cases have 4 slots for the cartridges. These types of printers are geared for general everyday printing. The cheaper models may be a bit slow on printing and a bit noisy but in most cases, they will get the job done.

The more expensive models should come with scanner and copying functions alongside duplex printing and have decent tech and phone compatibility, so you should get good print outs and lifecycle out of the printer. (anything better than 2-4 years mean you have done well.)

So, each slot will have a Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow cartridge in it. Make sure when you install the cartridges you put them in the correct slots otherwise you may contaminate the cartridges and the printer.

Getting the best deal with these cartridges is usually in the multipack. In some cases, with these types of printers check your usage. You may need to if you change supplier, purchase a new full set, this will stop compatibility issues between cartridges and supplies.

How do I know when my ink cartridge has run out?

This can be down to a couple of things. Sometimes you may get a warning message on the printer, this will tell you which cartridge needs replacing.

Other warning signs are when the print outs start fading. You can simply print out a colour test page if you’re unsure which will give you an indication of what needs replacing.

Sometimes if you haven’t used your cartridges or printer in a while, they may need cleaning using your printer cleaning program to get the best out of the inks.

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