How to Recycle Your Printer Ink Cartridges


What happens to your ink cartridge after you have finished printing? Do you put it in the bin or do you recycle your printer ink cartridge? With recent improvements in recycling and technology more and more ink cartridges can be recycled.

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What Ink Cartridges Can Be Recycled

If you can’t find anyone who recycles your ink cartridges then simply ask where you may be able to recycle the materials . Most Epson ink cartridges can’t be recycled by ink cartridge companies.

But as the components are made from plastic, if you want to recycle those types of cartridges just check with your local plastics recycler, who will happily recycle your cartridges for you.

The current brands that can be recycled are HP and Canon ink cartridges.

The Lifecycle of an Ink cartridge

The lifecycle of a recycled ink cartridge Made directly from the manufacturer the shiny new ink cartridge also called an original or genuine ink cartridge is boxed and shipped ready for distribution.

Once purchased it comes to your home, you use your ink, then suddenly you get a warning message on your printer that the cartridge is empty, what to do then?

Put it in the bin? NO.

Most companies like Internet-Ink if they can recycle your ink cartridge we add in a recycling bag or offer a freepost address to recycle your printer inks with them.

Save up your recycled cartridges and put them in a shoe box to send to your local recycler.

Ink cartridges that have only be used once are called a virgin cartridge. This basically means that the cartridge has not be remanufactured and has only been used once since it has been made.

The other type of cartridge is often called a remanufactured or compatible ink cartridge. Most of these cartridges can also be recycled and are called non-virgin ink cartridges.

This means they are been refilled, remanufactured or used a couple of times. These types of cartridges are not as available in the recycling process as they have a higher failure rate on passing the recycling process, as they may have been recycled up to 3 times.

By recycling your ink cartridges, you are helping the environment, because if you throw your ink in the bin, it gets sent to a landfill site and can take years to decompose, 000’s and 000’s happen to ink cartridges like this every day.

By recycling your ink cartridge it means, it is saved from this process and can be re-entered back in the market after being cleaned, checked and retested.

Quick recycling at Internet-ink

Quick recycling at Internet-ink Here at Internet-ink if we can recycle you ink cartridge we will add in a bag with your order. Save your cartridges and put them in the bag and send them to the freepost address with the bag, we can take care of the rest for you.

Please make sure we can recycle you ink cartridges first, otherwise the cartridges you send the recycling department can’t be used.

Over the years Internet-ink have donated proceeds to Cancer Research as our chosen charity and we thank all Internet-Ink customers for continuing to support and help this worthy cause by recycling your ink cartridges.

For more information on what cartridges you can recycle, please contact our support department at Internet-Ink, who will email you further details from our recycling department and where to send your ink cartridges.