The Difference Between Standard and XL Ink Cartridges HP?


HP Ink Cartridges - The Truth Exposed

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HP have introduced an " XL " version of many of their more popular ink cartridges.

But what exactly is the difference between a standard cartridge and their " XL " version? Also, what are we offering here at Internet-ink?

HP Colour Inkjet Cartridges

We are going to use the popular HP 351 colour ink cartridge to show you exactly what you are buying.

At first glance these cartridges look the same except the addition of a " XL " on the label.

But when you remove the lid as we have below, you can see that the " XL " has bigger sponges that holds the 3 primary colours within the cartridge.

HP 351 Colour Ink Cartridges

On the left we have the standard cartridge contain 3.5ml of ink, that being just 1.167 ml of each colour. On the right we have the " XL " version with bigger sponges holding 14ml of ink, that being 4.67 ml of each colour.

So What Refill Cartridges are Internet-Ink Offering?

We simply offer on 1 size of HP 351 colour compatible ink cartridge, it contains 14ml of ink, the same as the HP "XL" version, so we call it the HP 351XL Compatible Colour Ink Cartridge, we think that is more than fair.

So what does our cartridge look like inside?

The pictures below show that we do actually fill our cartridges with 14ml. Look at the colour of the sponges, our cartridge is full of ink.

On the 2nd picture below, we have lifted the sponges out of the cartridge. You can clearly see ink fills our cartridge, but is visible only at the bottom of the HP cartridge.

HP 351XL colour compatible ink cartridge HP 351 Colour fill levels

We don't know why HP put the larger sponge in their " XL " version, as you can easily put 14ml of ink to the standard version.

We are looking at manufacturing a Super XL version that uses bigger sponges that might take as much as 30ml ink per cartridge. Now that would be more environmentally friendly!

We have produced this information page because some of our customers have contacted us to explain that they thought the HP " XL " colour cartridge would be physically bigger just like the HP350 black standard and " XL " versions below. But this is not the case.

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