What is the Difference Between Standard and XL Ink?


Each cartridge manufacturer has different varieties of cartridges to fit printers. Here at Internet-Ink we are going to look at the difference between the sizes and capacities of the ink cartridges for your printer.

What is the Difference Between Standard and XL Ink?

Most manufacturers offer both a standard and an XL option for printing. The main difference between the XL and the standard is simply the amount of ink that is filled in the cartridge.

The benefits of using an XL cartridge are that you won't have to change the printer cartridge as often. The cost of printing may also be reduced as you getting better value for money.

The benefits of using a standard cartridge is that you don't have to pay as much money out in the purchase, compared to buying an XL. Plus, if you don't print very often, you may just opt for the standard cartridge, as sometimes cartridges left to stand in a printer may dry up if left too long.

Epson Standard and XL Ink Differences

Epson cartridges are generally found in standard and XL capacities and also are individual cartridges in black, cyan, magenta and yellow.

When using combined cartridges, you could end up throwing away the cartridges when one colour runs out.

In most cases always double check with you printer model first. But in general, the size will be physically the same and will fit in your printer. The difference is just the amount of ink.

HP Standard and XL Ink Differences

HP ink cartridges are slightly different depending on printer model. Always check which cartridges you're taking out of the printer or check the model on the website.

HP cartridges have some models that have both a black and a tri-colour cartridges which takes two cartridges. The differences between the sizes of XL and standard are again how much they fill the cartridges.

The problem with two slot printers is you could end up throwing away the cartridges when one colour runs out. Meaning the printer will end up costing you more in the long run. Always try and find a printer with more than 2 slots

The other type of HP ink cartridges with standard, XL and sometimes XXL or extra high yield. When there are four slots and more on an inkjet printer, means you just are getting more for your money and only have to replace the cartridge colour when it runs out.

In most cases check the printer model. If the cartridge is listed with your printer model, it's guaranteed to work in it. Again, if your not sure, just contact the support to double check before you purchase the cartridge.

Canon Standard and XL Ink Differences

If you're ever unsure of size or type you need for your printer. Always check the printer model on the internet-ink website to see which cartridges both XL and standard your printer needs.

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