Unblock Magenta Ink Cartridges & Test Page

If you have ever printed and found no magenta ink coming out of the ink cartridge or printer. The most likely casue is a blocked printer head or if you have just changed ink cartridge simply air in the ink system.

To clean the magenta ink nozzle or head in the printer just open your printers software and you will find a clean option. This normally take a few repeats before working. The best practise is to run a printer clean every month to ensure you don`t get any blockages.

Magenta Ink Printer Test Page 

If you are missing magenta ink just after changing an ink cartridge then you most likely have air in the system. Try a few head cleans but the download and printer several times are Magenta Test Page which won`t waste your other inks as it is purely magenta and forces the air out of the system.

Just right click on the image below and select "save as". Then you can print it.