Business Discount Scheme

Are you a business looking to save money on your office supplies? Look no further.
We already have some of the lowest prices on the internet with ink, toner, pens and stationary supplies. 
But with a business discount we can save you even more, with:
  • 15% OFF all compatible ink cartridges with our 'leave us a recommendation ' campaign. 
  • Same day priority dispatch available.  
  • Rock bottom prices on all genuine original ink cartridges,  toner cartridges and office supplies.  
  • Monthly offers sent right to your mailbox to save even more.  
  • Plus exclusive access to our 5 star customer support team.

Leave Us a Recommendation Campaign

We offer a business discount of 15% off any our compatible ink cartridges and all we ask in return is a small personally written recommendation with link to our website on your website. 
This does not have to be on your homepage and can be as simply as the example below.

We use for our printer ink cartridges and are happy to recommend them.

When you have added your recommendation to your website just email our support team with where you placed your recommendation and we will email you a unique discount code.