Compatible Epson T0791-T0796 Twin Multipack + 2 Free Black Inks - 14 Inks

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1 Year Guarantee
Page YieldPage Yield
10160 / 0.27p per page
These figures are based upon the industry standard for 5% average coverage.
Product GroupProduct Group
Product TypeProduct Type
Ink Cartridge
4x 540
2x 800
2x 800
2x 800
Light CyanLight Cyan
2x 800
Light MagentaLight Magenta
2x 800
Light CyanLight Cyan
Light MagentaLight Magenta
£26.99 Inc Vat

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This is a compatible Epson T0791-T0796 ink cartridge multipack - 14 inks which has been designed to work flawlessly Epson Stylus Photo printer.

All of the compatible T079 ink cartridges are updated with the latest chips.

This compatible Epson T079 pack contains 4 x T0791 black, 2 x T0792 cyan, 2 x T0793 magenta, 2 x T0794 yellow, 2 x T0795 light cyan and 2 x T0796 light magenta ink cartridges.

The compatible Epson T0791-T0796 ink cartridge multipack contains standard capacity ink cartridges.

Each of the compatible T079 inks are filled with 18ml of ink and prints approximately 540 pages (black), 800 pages (cyan), 800 pages (magenta), 800 pages (yellow), 800 pages (light cyan) and 800 pages (light magenta) at 5% average coverage.

Simple to install, all these compatible Epson T079 series inks are ready to install straight out of the packaging.

This Compatible Epson T0791-T0796 Ink Cartridge Multipack - 14 Inks contains the Epson compatible T0791, T0792, T0793, T0794, T0795 and T0796 ink cartridges.

New Updated T079 Chip - Ready To Go in your Printer - 1 Year Guarantee

This Epson multipack contains:
4 x Compatible Epson T0791 Black Ink Cartridge
2 x Compatible Epson T0792 Cyan Ink Cartridge
2 x Compatible Epson T0793 Magenta Ink Cartridge
2 x Compatible Epson T0794 Yellow Ink Cartridge
2 x Compatible Epson T0795 Light Cyan Ink Cartridge
2 x Compatible Epson T0796 Light Magenta Ink Cartridge

We advise buying a full set of compatible inks if you have not ordered these cartridges before and install the full set of compatibles cartridges. These compatible inks can't be mixed with genuine cartridges in your printer.

- 10% Off future compatible ink purchases with this compatible T0791-T0796 complete pack printer ink.

- Free UK delivery and secure European delivery available.

- 1 year guarantee on all compatible Epson T0791-T0796 14 pack inkjet cartridges.

These compatible Epson T0791-6 ink cartridges have been tried and tested and offer great premium value printing and are only available from Internet-ink. We offer you great value with the compatible T0791-6 ink cartridges with a full all-round service and 1 year guarantee to make sure you get the best value and savings from buying your cartridges with us!

Don't forget to use your 10% discount code which we give to our regular customers to save you even more!

These compatible cartridges are guaranteed to work with your printers firmware at the time of purchase. We strongly recommend you protect your investment in these ink cartridges by turning off automatic firmware updates and declining manual updates. 
These cartridges are not guaranteed to work with future printer updates, so don`t install them. Untitled1.png
Stylus Photo

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Just bought a new printer. Made sure that Internet-Ink had the compatibles for it. Very pleased with the printer and even more pleased that the inks work well on it.
These are good quality cartridges at the best price I could find on the net. Very satisfied.
xx xx
Great inks for my Epson printer worked perfectly. Would recommend these to anyone.
xx xx
Great range of products, and the website is very easy to navigate. Have spoken to Customer Services about a very minor issue, and they dealt with it professionally and quickly. Have been buying ink from Internet-Ink for some time now and cannot recommend them highly enough - five stars
xx xx
I have used Internet Ink for a number of years and presently use their compatible cartridges for my Epson Photo PX650. To my mind the ink quality is just as good as in the original cartridges but at considerably less cost. The service received is first class. Highly recommended.
xx xx
Excellent product (Epson substitute ink cartridges, at a fraction of the price for the branded product) of which only one in a blue moon fails. Delivery by post is always unbelievably quick.
I have dealt with internet ink for a few years now, and always had first class service, received orders bang on time, and very polite and helpful on the phone, i have recommended internet ink to all my friends first class company.
Have used Internet Ink cartridges on my Epson 1400 printer to print my photographs for about 4 years and have found the quality to excellent,price is very competitive and service first class.\ I print to A3 sizes and find the quality just as good as Epson inks.
michael moore
Excellent quality prints and fast delivery, why pay originals price?