Compatible Epson T1295 (T1291/2/3/4) Ink Cartridge Colour Mixed Multipack - 10 Inks

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Compatible Epson T1295 (T1291/2/3/4) Ink Cartridge Colour Mixed Multipack - 10 Inks Details

Buy Epson T1291 - T1294 compatible ink cartridge colour mixed pack with free UK delivery available with Epson T1291-T1294 compatible ink cartridge colour multipack orders.

If you're a heavy colour user then this T1291-T1294 colour mixed ink pack is the perfect set of cartridges for you. The apple ink compatible colour pack is ideal for all types of printing and especially suited to produce colourful vibrant prints, whatever the document.

The T1291-T1294 printer cartridge double pack is suitable for all types of printing, producing clean and vibrant prints. These Epson T1291 - T1294 ink cartridges contain a massive 18ml black and 15ml colour capacity compared to the original Epson fill of 11.2ml and 7ml and is the best colour value pack we offer.This Epson T1291 - T1294 XL colour compatible pack contains:

New Updated Epson T1291-T1294 Chips - Ready To Go in your Printer - 1 Year Guarantee

1 x Epson T1291 XL compatible black Printer ink cartridge
3 x Epson T1292 XL compatible cyan Printer ink cartridge
3 x Epson T1293 XL compatible magenta Printer ink cartridge
3 x Epson T1294 XL compatible yellow Printer ink cartridge

We advise buying a full pack if you have not ordered these cartridges before and install a full set of compatibles. These cartridges can't be mixed with genuine cartridges in your printer.

- 10% Off future compatible ink purchases with this compatible T1291-T1294 colour multipack printer ink.
- free delivery to the UK and secure European delivery available.
- 1 year guarantee on all compatible Epson T1291-T1294 saver colour mixed 10 pack ink cartridges.

These Epson ink cartridges have been tried and tested and offer great premium value printing and are only available from Internet-ink. We offer you great value with the Epson T1291-T1294 ink cartridges with a full all-round service and 1 year guarantee to make sure you get the best value and savings from buying your cartridges with us!

Don't forget to use your compatible ink 10% discount code which we give to our regular customers to save you even more!

These compatible cartridges are guaranteed to work with your printers firmware at the time of purchase. We strongly recommend you protect your investment in these ink cartridges by turning off automatic firmware updates and declining manual updates. 
These cartridges are not guaranteed to work with future printer updates, so don`t install them.
How much ink is in the compatible Epson T1295 cartridge pack?
The capacity of ink in these high capacity compatible Epson T1295 ink cartridges is shown in the 'technical specification' box. The total capacity it 164ml, which is made up of 18ml T1291 black x 4, 15ml T1292 cyan x 2, 15ml T1293 magenta x 2 and 15ml T1294 yellow x 2.
I've been using Internet-ink for some years now. The orders are processed and posted very promptly and the pricing is very good value. I've also recommended them to family and friends who report the same.
I am very satisfied with the inks I have received they work really well. Thank you
Gary Ogden
Excellent Quality Every time!\ Never had a problem with these guys orders always arrive on time and never had a problem with the cartridges.
John Wallhead
These compatible cartridges are really good quality, I just can't tell any difference from the originals. I have and will again in the future recommend them and Internet Ink to friends.
Excellent, good inks and very quick delivery will buy again.
They kept me informed of my order the whole way. The inks also arrived super quick.
Prompt service good price quality ink
John Consadine
I always shop around when replacing ink cartridges but find myself regularly coming back to this site as the products are good value and give good results. Keep up the good work!
xx xx
Have used these products for over ten years. Always good service and quality. Would recommend.
xx xx
Good company to deal with, excellent prices and products. Had a problem with cartridges not being recognised in my printer, at very random times during printing. Reported problem, haven't actually resolved the problem, but was given additional cartridges to make up for it. Problem remains, but only occasionally and with price of cartridges and quality, it doesn't really matter and hasn't prevented me buying more. Highly recommend them.
xx xx
I have used internet-ink for few years, no problems at all. Very good service
Michael Gibbs
So easy to use this site for Ink supply. Have used it for a few years now and have never been disappointed. Quality of ink is top class. Thank you guys (and gals).
Alexander Dellaquaglia
Compatible cartridges work perfectly- even though we don't do a lot of printing. No clogging or other quality issues. Happy to recommend.
xx xx
Cartridges are fully compatible & seem to work perfectly. Speedy delivery too.
xx xx
Was recommended and have placed a few orders, always a quick delivery, high capacity compatible inks very good value and quality, would highly recommend
xx xx
Cannot fault the Epson compatible cartridges from Internet-Ink. Huge savings over the originals with excellent delivery times and service.
Anthony Szulc
My Epson printer is now six years old and has been using internet-ink compatible cartridges since it was new [after the initial free Epson cartridges supplied with the printer ran out]. I have never had any problems with any of the compatible inks supplied by this company and the fact that the printer is still going strong after six years should be enough to allay any fears about using non-Epson inks!
Geoffrey Griffiths
I have no hesitation in recommending these compatible ink cartridges. The print is always clean and crisp and the ink cartridges last longer than the original very expensive ones.
Veronica Hill
These ink are the best I have used. I have bought from here several times and I have never had a problem. I will continue to purchase from this company
David Wilson
Never a problem, affordable and quick delivery.
I've been using these for a year, no problems and great savings
T Burch
I'm glad I discovered Internet-Ink. These compatible cartridges don't cost a fortune like the branded ones do and they last a lot longer too. Maybe the only quibble is that they fade a bit quicker in the sunshine than Epson's own ones do – I print a lot of outdoor display stuff –, but even so they last more than long enough without losing colour (6 or 7 months) so not really a problem.
Trevor Norman
Excellent cartridges delivered swiftly.
Graham Bridger
Have used Internet Ink Cartridges for a number of years and have never had any problems with them, they print as well on photo papers as on ordinary papers.\ Highly recommended.
Useful pack as rarely use all colours equally. Prompt delivery and dispatch. No problem using with Epson printer. Quality fine for general office printing.
Paul Roberts
Always happy with the product and service from internet ink. Thanks you
Michael Jones
Excellent producy have used for a long time now - good printing quality
Malcolm Holbrook
I found these inks to give virtually the same printing quality as the original Epson inks at a fraction of the price.
Malcolm Holbrook
I found these inks to give virtually the same printing quality as the original Epson inks at a fraction of the price.
Jacqueline Vincent
always good quality results when compared with branded ones
Ruth Whiffen
I have ordered these for a number of years and had very few problems. One or two have not worked well but were replaced without quibble. They generally seem to last a long time and produce a good print.
Ali Razak
These are very good ink cartridges although not the cheapest. I have rarely had any problems, except occasionally having to get rid of one cartridge that wasn't empty because my printer kept on recognising it as empty.