HP Firmware Downgrade For Printers Using HP 953XL HP 903XL Ink Cartridges

Download the correct firmware downgrade from the list below for your HP OfficeJet printer so you can continue to print using compatible ink cartridges. 
Downgrading to a previous version may allow your HP printer to work with the previous firmware version before the update occurred. 
Once you revert to a previous version you can continue to print using your compatible ink cartridges. 
The download links below are for HP printers which use the HP 903XL ink cartridges and printers that use the HP 953XL ink cartridges. 
To be run on a Windows based PC.

Please ensure automatic updates are turned off when you have done the downgrade or your printer will just upgrade it`s firmware.

HP 903XL Ink Cartridge Printers 

HP 953XL Ink Cartridge Printers