Stop Wasting Money In Your Business On Ink and Toner Cartridges


Knowledge is power. So stop wasting your money and listen....

All companies print and spend thousands on printers, toners and ink cartridges every year.

We all work somewhere. So get up from your desk or move from your office (inside or out) and ask the person nearest you where do we buy our ink, toner and pens from?

Where can you save your business money?

Companies are tied into contracts without shopping around and the purchasing manager just sends an order, buying from a company they haven't researched or checked the's convenient and easy.

What's the catch?

The company your business is probably ordering off is not even the middle man, they are the 5th man. So you're losing thousands of pounds straight away.

Small and medium sized business, NHS departments, Government departments, councils and even the super-sized companies who should know better..So why do they order?

The answer is no one knows where to order! The order gets passed to the accounts department and gets put through the systems and then the toner arrives in the office.

No one knows what it cost or where it was from, it was probably from a contract negotiated years ago and the costs will mount up. A toner for example, that could have cost £40 has just cost that business more like £60-£80.

Save up to and over £1000 a month!

Now... say you order 4 toners a month at £60, you have 10 departments that do the same...that £2400 a month (£28K per year!).

So if you had done your research and got in touch with and asked for a comparison on what you order for your business, that order you just placed would have saved £1000 a month (£12K per year!!) for you and your business.

That's just off a small toner order, business orders per year can go north of £100K in savings!

Just think how much you could save...So next time you or your department or employees are ordering ink or toner visit or send us your toner quote list, I guarantee that we can save you money today and then you can reinvest your savings made back into your business. Are you ready to start saving?

Call Today and Send us a Quote of your Ink, Toner and Pens. Let us quote your business.

When you think of ink, just think START SAVING TODAY!

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