Do you need a 3D Printer


Do you need a 3D Printer?


Do you need a 3d printerThat is a question many businesses and home users are asking. With affordable 3D printers now arriving on the marketplace, it seems a sensible time to jump on-board this recent technology whether you may need it or not.


Firstly you need to look at the price of the printer and what you’ll use it for, most printers are designed for creating models for crafting, art selfies or creating a new piece of furniture for your home.


As they are new to the market scene, you will have to do plenty of research into how to operate the 3D printer yourself, the support after you have purchased the 3D printer will likely be limited and so it’s down to your own experimental mind or a long time hunting for answers in support forums.


Acquiring the materials and consumables for your 3D printer at the moment will also be expensive, so compare and work out the overall costs for your new hobby, branching out and testing your theory with someone you know (or already has a 3D printer) may be the best way to decide if you need one or not.


3D printing consumablesAfter you have done all the research the buck really stops with you, will you use it? Can you afford it? Reviews across the internet, as with most products, are varied depending on the users. The rule of thumb is to remove the bottom and top 10%, then look somewhere in the middle, these types of reviews are where you will get the most common sense and averages.


In the end, 3D printers will gain popularity in the modern market place as the increasing need for them becomes apparent, the components become cheaper and the quality of the printing and software gets higher. Our advice? Watch this space.


Posted by James T Graves.