HP 364 Ink Cartridges Explained

2015-01-22 16:56:12

Published on 2015-01-22 16:56:12

original hp 364 ink cartridge


HP has a long history of producing some of the highest quality ink for the most popular printers. HP users have come to expect the best when it comes to performance and end results. When it comes to printing, it’s important to make sure you never run out of ink. Doing so can waste not only time but money. Thankfully, there are many HP printers that have been catered for with high quality ink cartridges. And one of the most popular cartridges is the HP 364 ink.


What is the HP 364 ink cartridge?

The HP 364 is one of the most popular ink cartridges and is used in many of the most successful HP Photosmart printers. It can handle producing lab-quality photographs and laser-quality text documents.


The HP 364 ink cartridges are easy to install, having been designed specifically for use with HP Photosmart printers.


There are a few different options when it comes to HP 364 ink cartridges. There’s the standard capacity, high capacity XL, single and multipacks available, so choosing the right cartridges can be daunting. That’s why Internet-ink has answered some common questions you might have about HP 364 ink cartridges


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Should I buy HP 364 photo black or just black?

There are two types of HP 364 black cartridges: black and photo black. All of the HP Photosmarts will use the black, but not all will use the photo black.


A quick and easy way to find out which black your printer uses is to look at how many slots it has available for ink cartridges. If it has four cartridge slots it does not use a HP 364 Photo Black ink cartridge. These printers only use four colours: black, cyan, magenta and yellow.


Printers that have five available slots for ink cartridges use the HP 364 Photo Black ink cartridge as well as the traditional black, cyan, magenta and yellow inks.


Should I use high capacity HP 364 XL ink cartridges?

This depends upon how much printing you are doing. The HP 364 XL ink cartridges contain more ink and so they work out at a lower cost per page. This translates to better value for money for higher printing volumes.


Roughly speaking, HP 364 XL ink cartridges contain twice as much ink as standard ink cartridges, but they cost less than twice as much, saving you money.


If you are currently using standard capacity HP 364 ink cartridges but find you are constantly changing your ink cartridges, the high capacity XL cartridges maybe the solution for you.


Even if you are not a high volume user you can get the savings of HP 364 XL inks. You should keep in mind that ink cartridges left unused can dry out if left installed and inactive in your printer. To avoid this happening, you can print off a simple test page each week, as well as few other helpful tips to make your ink cartridges last longer.


compatible hp 364 ink cartridge

Should I buy compatible HP 364 ink cartridges?

Compatible HP 364 ink cartridges present a cheap alternative to the widely popular ink cartridge. The compatible HP 364 ink cartridges contain more ink than the original HP inks, even more than the original HP XL ink cartridges. Internet-inks compatible HP 364 ink cartridges are guaranteed to work with HP Photosmart printers, being quick and easy to install.


If you are unsure about using compatible HP 364 ink cartridges, here at Internet-ink we have the solution for you. The HP 364 original and compatible taster pack contains eight inks: four original HP inks and four compatible HP inks.


This special pack gives you the big savings that are to be had instead of buying the ink cartridges separately. You also get the opportunity to try out and test how compatible HP 364 ink cartridges compare against the original inks; we know you won’t be disappointed.

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